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Our company in a summary

We are a software coding company that designs algorithms and indicators for those with an interest in trading. Our main goal is to listen to our clients needs and assist with coding the algorithm to exactly how they would like. We also have pre-made algorithms that assist with technical analysis. Another aspect of our company is to educate those wanting to learn more about coding in the mql4 language and how it could effect the trading industry in the future.  Furthermore we provide support with setting up virtual private servers and support those with technical difficulties.

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Algo Trading Services


We provide state of the art algorithms, designed to make it as easy as possible to succeed at forex. Our Forex systems continuously analyses the FX market, looking for potentially high probability price movements. Once identified the software will notify you visually, audibly, and via email.

ALL key parameters are provided; entry price, take profit and stop loss. The Forex system is easy to set up and is designed to be followed 100% mechanically – just try the Forex system and see the results. This Forex system really is the simplest way to follow the FX market. 

Comprehensive Approach


The Forex algorithm's we have developed is highly advanced and has been rigorously tested. The Forex system's will provide you with clear and precise signals that are easy to follow. We use the system for our own Forex trading and whenever a signal is produced we enter a trade. For us, there is zero guess work involved and there is no uncertainty on when to trade.

The robot does all the analytics for you and will give you clear entry, stop loss and take profit values. All you need to do is follow the Forex system. You remain fully in control of your trading account and can have the confidence in knowing you are following professional signals.

Committed to Service


Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. We will help you every step of the way and we do this by showing you how our indicator works, providing monthly support, showing you how to place the trades and providing maintenance for VPS's. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation and making the technical work easy for those not so technical. Call us today to find out how we can help you with all the technical difficulties you face when setting up your computer for trading.


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