Can this be tested on a demo account?

Of course! we want you to feel 100% percent comfortable when using our indicator and believe a happy client is a returning client.

How long does it take to setup everything?

As we know majority of people want to get started making money straight away, we can get you setup and going the same day usually within an hour once we have made a first point of contact.

What do I see in my trading account?

View your money in real-time, the date of the initial transfer, opened and closed trades, time and amounts of opening and closing positions, transaction size, the financial instrument in the transaction, a direction of the transactions: long or short, buy or sell.
We recommend you to watch the “back office” video that will help you to download the software and understand all the information that appears in your account.

How Long does it take to withdraw profits?

No funds are locked in, you are not committed to us for any amount of time. You can cash your money out on a daily basis. Just click the withdrawal request button on your user portal with your broker and you will receive the money within a day usually.

Do I have to pay taxes on my profits?

The accumulated gross profit will be transferred directly to your bank account. Taxes are subject to the laws in your country of residence.

How does the system reach such an impressive yield?

The proprietary computer program has been developed based on statistics and technical analysis. ‘AI’ trades exclusively in the International foreign currency market and generates profits on the small fluctuations of a currency pair.

This foreign currency market is considered as the most developed, advanced market and with the most liquidity traded in the world on a daily basis (4 trillion dollars a day). In this well-developed market, the automated trading system executes transactions called “Long” (buy) and/or “Short” (sell) , benefiting from both ups and downs, thus taking advantage of all market fluctuations 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (except on Saturdays and Sundays) in order to generate as much profit as possible.


What margin and leverage should I use?

A high leverage is wanted by almost all traders. Why? We have no idea, since a low leverage also means a lower risk. However, for using EAs its sometimes needed to have at least a 1:400 leverage. This allows you to put less money in your trading account. On a 1:400 leverage it’s common to use a £1,300 per pair. So, in a £2.6K funded account you can easily trade 2 pairs. Bear in mind that a lower leverage results in a higher margin requirement.

How to pick the best currency pair?

The easy pairs to pick are usually uncorrelated pairs. This gives a lower chance that one pair will directly affect your other currency pairs. Since our algorithms are not very sensitive for spreads you can also run it on all the major and minor but our support team is always here to help and assist.