Breakout cage Indicator & EA

How breakout works

Our system is simple, follow the price alerts and place an order on each currency pair then be prepared to follow the profit for a few minutes or hours if necessary, if you miss a trade entrance do not chase it!. Remember this is a system that requires you to execute the trade and therefore you are in control of the money management side, we like to call it semi automated trading or copy trading, don't be a fool, risk only small amounts, some traders like to have an exposure that does not exceed 2-3% if their capital! Build some profit before you begin to run with this! In the near future we will be supplying a copy of our system to members. We will teach you what is an algorithm and how to use an algorithm in trading.

1.Buy & Sell Zone


Image 1 signifies the buy and sell zone. It gives you all the required information to place your trade and when to take profit. 

2.Current Market Price


Image 2 is a close up take from image 4 to show you the current market price. This allows you to set your orders with ease.

3.In Action Trade


Here is an in action shot taken during a live trade, as you can see our indicator analysed the candle sticks to then accumulate the figure for the selling point. It had then hit the profit target where you will have made profit due to setting a limit.

4.Past Performances


Our indicator also shows you past performances so even when you are not in the trade you can see how well it had done. The cream colour block is the start of its analysis then it changes to a light red colour which insinuates that it is near the end of its analysis and to place your trades.

5. London Forex Session


Our active Indicator is bespoke to individual sessions. As you can see image 5 is set to the London session so it will adjust accordingly.

6. New York Forex Session


Here in image 6 we have the indicator set to the New York session. We also have other time sessions within our software, So it adapts to how you trade.